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The Australian Celebrity Report is an in depth report on Australian celebrities. It covers public perceptions of celebrities from traits such as their humour to how engaging they are. This report is a one stop place to discover how Australian celebrities rank in the public eye.

Covering 12 months of a national omnibus survey, the report has had over 200,000 responses across 200 celebrities that feature in a range of Australian industries. This allows for breakout reports such as The Celebrity Portraits, which go into more depth on individual celebrities, to be purchased and customised for your needs.

Whether you are in advertiser or content creator, this report is the
most useful guide to Australian celebrities you can own.

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most in-depth report on Australian celebrities ever.


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The Celebrity Portraits

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The Australian Celebrity Report is a joint venture between TEG Rewards and Southern Cross Austereo. It is an ongoing omnibus survey conducted nationally. Each week Nine Rewards surveys 3-5 ‘Pods’ of celebrities, collecting responses for about 20 celebrities each week. Each celebrity receive a minimum sample size before it is included in the report.

Established in 2007, Nine Rewards is one of the largest online research panels with over 1 million permission based members across Australia. Part of the TEG Pty Limited, TEG Rewards offers online market research services including: Advertising Research, Concept testing, Customer Satisfaction, Diary Studies Market Sizing, New Product Testing, Opinion Polling, Public Relations research and a broad range of adhoc services.

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